Classical Islamic Art

Our Work

Our work is focused on people. Satisfying the human needs for religious, intellectual and spiritual fulfilment are the main principles our work is based on. Art and culture are used as tools to help social interaction.

Art and Culture

Our inspiration comes from the traditional and exceptional heritage of Islam and the East, which, as the cradle of civilisation, have left us valuable treasures. Hence, the continuation of this tradition and its practice with the following generations is of great importance for us.

In conception and implementation of our courses, we set the highest standards. Our art teachers are experienced representatives of a traditional school, who have refined techniques and designs over centuries. Visitors can witness this acuteness as they pass through the halls in KUDEM and the IFIS&IZ, where the finest works of art from the in-house collection of classical Islamic calligraphy, ornamentation and marbling art are on display.

Collection of art

In our premises one will find a collection of first-class, original pieces of arts, such as ornaments, calligraphies and Ebru paintings. As a sign of authenticity, the most renowned artists of their guild have signed our exhibited works. The works of art make their observers feel how important the relationship between the eye and the heart is. This Turkish-Islamic art exhibition collected here is one of its kind in the whole of Germany. We are aiming to expand our collection with further pieces.