KUDEM offers musical courses such the KUDEM-Choir. It started with its over 20 young members in 2011. Their focus is on classical-Turkish Sufi music, hymns of praise (Kasside) and spiritual music. Besides singing the aim is to convey culture, tradition and the subtleties of Sufi music. The vocal soloist Mustafa Doğan Dikmen, a master in his guild, conducts the choir. Mr. Dikmen is a lecturer at the state conservatory for classical Turkish music at the Technical University in Istanbul (ITU), at the same time he works as a vocal soloist and programme planner at the state channel TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) Istanbul. The choir meets at KUDEM to practice every second Saturday. During the preparation period for the traditional Sufi music concerts of the KUDEM-Choir it is Mr. Dikmen himself teaching the choir every two weeks.

Sufi music concerts

The concerts of the KUDEM-Choir have also become a tradition for the city of Mannheim. With several Instruments included the choir prepares a different repertoire of classical Turkish Sufi music for each year‘s performance. The concerts attract a diverse audience of music fans and connect people from different cultural and religious backgrounds.

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