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Kudem e.V.

Wir nennen uns Kulturhaus der europäischen Muslime, kurz Kudem, und knüpfen an die wissenschaftsorientierte Arbeit des IFIS & IZ. an.

Miteinander leben statt nebeneinander ist unser Motto. Ohne sich in eine Gesellschaft zu integrieren, kann man keine tatsächliche Akzeptanz von den Mitmenschen erwarten. Aus diesem Grund wollen wir Wege und Möglichkeiten erforschen, die Integration zu erleichtern.


KUDEM and IFIS&IZ started collaboration on the development of the KUDEM Children’s Library with categorising, barcoding and signing the books

Europe’s largest civilian academic Islamic library with a six-language collection of 100,000 books has reached another important milestone under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Hüseyin İlker Çınar in cooperation between KUDEM and IFIS&IZ: the categorisation, signing and registration of 75,000 books have been completed. This month, another 3,000 books from Cairo and 2,000 books from the Western language area were acquired and categorised, signed and entered into the library system. With the technical infrastructure in place, the KUDEM Islamic academic library will grant access to academia and to researchers. Both organisations, the KUDEM and the IFIS&IZ carry out their work in the field of science and culture independently of third-party funding or funding from other public or civil organisations and are supported solely by the funds of their own members.

KUDEM develops the KUDEM Children’s Library in parallel. The KUDEM Children’s Library is a unique contribution with over 50,000 books in primarily German and Turkish, as well as a significant share of English, French and Arabic. The books are thematically assigned, signed and entered into the library system. In the future, the KUDEM Children’s Library will bring young readers together with the diverse and rich literature and organise personal meetings with children’s book authors. With enthusiasm and discipline, the immeasurable favour of Allah is with us, success is only through Allah

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