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Kudem e.V.

Wir nennen uns Kulturhaus der europäischen Muslime, kurz Kudem, und knüpfen an die wissenschaftsorientierte Arbeit des IFIS & IZ. an.

Miteinander leben statt nebeneinander ist unser Motto. Ohne sich in eine Gesellschaft zu integrieren, kann man keine tatsächliche Akzeptanz von den Mitmenschen erwarten. Aus diesem Grund wollen wir Wege und Möglichkeiten erforschen, die Integration zu erleichtern.


KUDEM presents „Erkenntis & Klang“ – Music and stories inspired by the centuries-old Sufi-tradition

Whether in the middle of red roses, harkening to the drunken nightingale or the starving Chamels in the endless deserts; an unforgettable evening of musical-narratives is awaiting us when KUDEM hosts “Erkenntnis & Klang” on the 20thMarch 2020. Stories and wisdom are inviting you to reflect the intellectual life and impact of the grand Sufi masters granting insights into their convergence to the essential question to self-awareness. Tuneful sounds make the inexpressible narratives perceptible, which the regular language is not able to express.

The musical lead in the quartet is composed by: – a flute player – two guitarist and – and one bowed long-neck lute

The repertoire encompasses the classic-Turkish instrumental music and own modern compositions.

KUDEM represent a mystical view of Islam, the Sufism. In the foreground of KUDEM’s stands arts, culture, music and science. On every Saturday, fore more than 17 years, Honorable Scholar Prof. Dr Hüseyin İlker Çınar gives guidance in the spiritual gatherings “Suhbas of the Heart”. With the universal language of arts, culture, music and science, the barriers shall be overcome and commonalities elevated – for are peaceful and harmonic society. www.kudem.com

Event details | „Erkenntnis & Klang“ guest at KUDEM Date: Friday, 20.03.2020 Opening: 6:00 PM The concert begins: 6:30 PM Location: Conference Hall, KUDEM, Gutenbergstr. 11-15, 68167 Mannheim Ticket price: 5 € – Number of seats are limited Contact & info : 0621 – 178 919 610 | event@kudem.de

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