Kudem e.V.

Kudem e.V.

Wir nennen uns Kulturhaus der europäischen Muslime, kurz Kudem, und knüpfen an die wissenschaftsorientierte Arbeit des IFIS & IZ. an.

Miteinander leben statt nebeneinander ist unser Motto. Ohne sich in eine Gesellschaft zu integrieren, kann man keine tatsächliche Akzeptanz von den Mitmenschen erwarten. Aus diesem Grund wollen wir Wege und Möglichkeiten erforschen, die Integration zu erleichtern.


Primary school children of the Wilhem-Wund School from Mannheim – Neckarau discover the arts of calligraphy in KUDEM

On the 17th of May a group consisting of primary school children and children from the crèche of the Wilhem- Wunsch School visited KUDEM to participate in a calligraphy workshop. Accompanied by Mrs. Rendler 29 children were welcomed in a warm and enthusiastic atmosphere. The group first had a tour through the building of KUDEM including the scientific library. After the tour the calligraphy workshop with Vedat Koc started. With great interested and excitement our young visitors followed the presentation of Mr. Koc, who offers the calligraphy courses every Sunday in KUDEM to all who are interested in fine arts of calligraphy and water marbling (Ebru). After an intensive round of questions the children hat the opportunity to practice themselves the art of calligraphy and to unfold their creativity. As a feature of the day the children could paint in different colours a frame which has been prepared individually with the name of each children in Arabic. With joy and fun our young visitors actively designed their artwork and took them as a remembrance of this eventfully day to their home. The joy about the newly learned and the fun to actively practise arts were discernible in their faces.

With the universal language of arts, culture and science barriers shall be overcome and commonalities shall be accentuated. KUDEM stands for a mystical perspective of Islam which highlights the peaceful and harmonic together in society. In the foreground of the projects KUDEM is promoting arts, culture and science. The scientific part is through the promotion of the Institute for Islamic Studies and Intercultural Cooperation (IFIS&IZ). The overall project is guided and accompanied by honourable Prof. Dr. Hüseyin İlker Çınar (IFIS&IZ Mannheim, Chair for Qur’anic exegesis at the University of Osnabrück).

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